Bales Community Centre, 4169 Bathurst Street, (South of Sheppard) 

 Sun May 1st Community Day (1 PM - 5PM)

Celebrate Mothers Day theme with us at Earl Bales Community Centre. Come share in a pot luck lunch, music, Bingo and a 50/50 draw. Dessert and coffee will be provided.





Nov 15 2015

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Sydney, Australia

January 2016

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Who are we?

The history and origins of the Anglo-Indians date back to India in the 17th Century. Inter-marriage at that time between native Indians and Europeans (mainly English) was encouraged and the off springs were described at various times as “Indian Born”, Indo-Briton”, “Eurasian” and finally in the early part of the 20th Century as "Anglo-Indian".

What do we do?

The Association is primarily a social club. Community events are held monthly and larger social events are held periodically over the year. In addition the Association raises and contributes funds to charities in Canada, India and where disaster relief is urgently needed. Youth Education and participation is a priority and funding/grants is also provided for this.

Join the Community

The Anglo-Indian Community has been in existence for over 300 years. Some cynics are saying that this community is dying and will not be around much longer. This was also said 50 years ago and we are still here and thriving! We need your involvement in sustaining this Association and this Community and we need your talent and time to help us achieve our mission.